Goat milk products for every-day use

Lotions, foot creams, body butter, hand crafted soaps, foaming milk bath, and much more!

We create every gift basket from scratch.

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We spent hundreds of hours developing and crafting lotions, foot creams, body butter, therapeutic creams, hand crafted soaps, foaming milk bath, bath melts, dead sea salt scrubs, lip balms, cuticle smoother, candles, air fresheners, and gift baskets. Goat Haus Dairy is a family operated business. Our products are made at the dairy from scratch with special care and processing. We use fresh goat milk collected daily from our goats.


Our specially designed lotion has garnered national awards and honors.



Our handcrafted soap is just like Grandma used to make, except we add goat milk to enhance your skin.


Are you looking for a product to help with your aches and pain? Check out our Specialties



More Vitamin A to nourish your skin!


More Vitamin B-6 for preventing and treating acne.


More Selenium to look younger.